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How to Create Your Yearbook AI Photo

How to Make Your AI Yearbook Photos for Free, What Happens to Your Photos, and the AI Tech Behind It

Remember the wave of AI avatars that took over social media in 2022?

Well, now we have another trend and it’s all about recreating your vintage-style yearbook photos.

According to Google Trends, this trend is at peak popularity at the moment, so we wanted to show you what it is and how to make your own photos.

What is the AI yearbook trend?

Steve Aoki, Raye, Levi Hernandez, Hayley Bui, Katie Thurston and Keke Palmer.

The AI yearbook trend started on TikTok where folks used AI to create retro high school yearbook-style pictures of themselves.

The pictures have a 90s feel, with cheerleader or basketball star outfits. The app can show you how your high school self might have looked like.

You could even be the football team captain if you want; and the quality of the photos is really good.

How to create your AI Yearbook photos

The app that started the trend is called EPIK, which is a South Korean AI-powered photo editing app.

You can get the app on your Android or Apple phones. It will cost you $6.99 and you can create up to 60 vintage-style photos of yourself in just 2 hours.

We tried the app today (Oct 7), and it seems like it got very busy (as expected!) so you might wait a bit longer for your generations to come to life.

How to create AI yearbook photo for free with EPIK

To create your AI yearbook photo for free using EPIK, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to their website or find the EPIK app in your Google Play or App store

  • After you install the app, click on the “Try AI yearbook” and select “Continue”

  • Then you’ll be prompted to select your gender and upload up to 9 selfie photos. Make sure to follow the guidelines they give on the screen so your AI-generated photos are of the best quality

  • After you upload the photos, you’ll need to make an in-app purchase of $6.99 to get 60 photos, in the next 2 hours

  • After your 60 photos are delivered, EPIK will delete your photos (according to their TOS)

AI yearbook app: Will they delete my photos?

Yes, according to the Terms of Service, when you use EPIK’s AI services and submit your photos, the company will use your photos to train an AI model to generate your photos, but will delete your photos immediately after the deliverables from the AI Services are complete.

So, your photos are not kept long-term; they are deleted once they have been used to generate the outcomes from the AI Services.

AI Yearbook app: How does it work?

The precise AI models used in EPIK have not been publicly disclosed, but based on the functionalities of the app, we can make educated guesses on the types of models that might be employed:

  1. Stable Diffusion to train an AI model and generate the photos

  2. Face Swap AI models

  3. AI models that improve the resolution of the app

Can I create an AI yearbook photo for free?

Yes, you can. There is another app called ArtGuru, that provides a free option to generate these photos.

You won't receive 60 photos or the same level of quality and variety as EPIK does, but you can still try the trend by swapping your face with 6 yearbook photo examples.

How to create AI yearbook photo for free with Art Guru

To create your AI yearbook photo for free using Art Guru, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to their website

  2. Click on the “Swap Faces” menu item in the top left corner

  3. Upload your photo

  4. Choose the type of photo you’ll like to swap faces with on the right (There are around 7 vintage-like photo options)

  5. Click on “Generate” and a blue bar will show up

  6. Wait for up to 1min and the app will swap your face

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