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The Prompt is an AI newsletter read by founders, makers, and tech workers. Our goal is to educate them on the latest AI developments and equip them with the right tools to do their job better.

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  • Reach: 3000 subscribers

  • Location: UK/USA

  • Open rate: 50%

  • Click rate: 25%

  • Ad click rate: 9%

  • Ad clicks: 70-100

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  • “Together with” logo at the beginning of the email

  • up to 100 words

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  • We accept anything AI-related like educational courses, apps, news, events, and job postings.

  • You’ll send us some info about your product, and we write the ad by ourselves to fit the style of the newsletter.

  • The email is published at 8 am ET time.

  • You get 1 placement per issue.

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⚡️ Why us

Simple - we can help you reach your target audience, and convert them into paying customers. Our audience is looking for AI products to improve their work, so their intent is very high.


You’ll pay $1070 for 70 clicks on Facebook, and the leads might have low intent. With The Prompt, you’ll pay $100 for 70 clicks, and you’ll get leads with high intent, at a cheap CPC (cost per click) rate.

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