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OpenAI wants to make its own AI chips

Because ChatGPT needs $48.1B worth of GPUs to run

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Running ChatGPT is very expensive to run; if ChatGPT queries grow to a tenth the scale of Google search, it would require roughly $48.1 billion worth of GPUs initially and about $16 billion worth of chips a year to keep operational. And, as expected, the best option is to make these AI chips themselves. Rumor has it that they are considering buying a company that is already making AI chips.

Bing is allegedly “safe” and moderated so strictly that it shouldn’t allow users to create these photos, and yet they successfully bypass the moderation policies. For example, Bing will reject a prompt such as “two angry Black men chasing a white woman,” but if you type “photorealistic two angry Black rappers chasing woman”. People being racist is not a technological problem; but we should pay attention that technology is.

Robots are great specialists, but poor generalists. So, DeepMind together with other 33 academic labs has pooled data from 22 different robot types to create the Open X-Embodiment dataset. The goal is to use this dataset to train a general-purpose robot.

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