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Magic Studio: Canva's Bold Move Against Adobe

PLUS: Pizza AI, TextTo3D, Canva and Google new AI features, Leaked Pixel 8 ad and more

Hi folks!👋🏻 This is The Prompt! It seems like the AI-launching spree has started, so get ready for new and interesting AI products and trends to watch.

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At 9am ET today, Canva announced a list of new AI features that should get Adobe worried:

  • extend an image in any direction (Photoshop’s favorite feature)

  • grab and move elements from your photo 🤯

  • add, replace or edit parts of your image with prompts

  • erase unwanted elements of the image

  • remove background

  • auto-animate

  • and integration with AI apps!

Domino’s and Microsoft are partnering up to create a generative AI assistant that will make their deliveries even quicker! They want to personalize your next pizza order, and automate more tasks for store workers so they can focus on providing the best customer experience. It seems like Domino's really has an appetite for innovation.

The ad showcases two new AI features. Best Take can swap faces from other photos and the Magic Eraser which can delete distractions from your photos. You can watch their event today on their Youtube channel.

In the ad, the massively influential creator appeared to be offering 10,000 viewers an iPhone 15 Pro for just $2. In most cases, this would be a clear indication of a scam, but coming from MrBeast, it could actually be believable.

Induced AI plans to do your repetitive tasks for you. You can use one screen to control many apps within your browser; their tech is capable of reading what is displayed on the screen. This tool might be great for task management, you can say "Induced, please mark my 'Sign up auth' task in Asana as completed." - and you’ll never ever have to open Asana again (fingers crossed).

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  • [for founders] How our new AI feature earned 5% adoption in its first week; an article from a founder on the waste of the hype haste and how to actually make AI work for your users

  • [for developers] OnnxStream: Learn how to Run Stable Diffusion 1.5 with 1 billion parameters on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2

  • [new tech] MVDream: New Text to 3D model! 3D Gen AI is producing some great results, just look at the comparison below

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