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PLUS: GPT-4V(ision), Meta AI, Executive order for AI

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The biggest announcement was an assistant that will live in all Meta apps, and can help you with almost everything. It doesn’t have a knowledge cutout, because old sweet Microsoft let them use Bing to search the internet. Plus Instagram is getting a very neat feature called Backdrop, that can re-imagine your photos with different backgrounds, styles and scenes. On top of that, you can now make stickers with text and chat with AI characters representing popular influencers such as Mr Beast, Snoop Dogg, or Kendall Jenner.

OpenAI is talking with a former Apple designer and SoftBank's big boss to create a new mobile phone aimed to make using AI as easy as using an iPhone. They're in early stages, but SoftBank is ready to put in over $1 billion and help them with chip production using theirchip design firm, Arm.

The White House plans to introduce a highly anticipated executive order in the coming weeks dealing with AI; no specific details were discloused.

📕 get smarter

GPT-4V(ision) can answer most general questions, but fails to answer questions about people, has issues understanding the rules of games like sudoku, is not good at segmenting photos, and can do its favorite thing: hallucinate 🤪.

There is a shortage of data science engineers, and researchers try to fill in the gap with smarter AutoML models. So, this novel model, called Sapiens, can take a dataset and a predictive task (e.g., classification or regression) and it will create a pipeline that trains an optimized ML model for the given task.

Lossless compression is about finding patterns to make data smaller without losing information; and LLMs are great at predicting the next “pattern” so they can be great compressors. And, DeepMind’s LLM Chinchilla 70B beat the PNG algorithm, by compressing 43.2% of the original file sizes.

🚀 tools

  • Fill3D: Generate 3D objects in a room with Gen-AI

  • Diarupt: Realtime video-based AI conversations

  • Vellum: The developers platform for shipping LLM apps

  • IdealHire: Analyze resumes and find the perfect candidate with AI

  • BlueDot: AI-powered Chrome extension for Google Meet

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analog, 35mm, gorgeous woman petting a dog, greek villa stairs, bright sunlight, long shadows, hard contrast, vibrant hues, shot on Lomography XPro --style raw --ar 2:3 --s 150 --c 8 --w 27


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