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Generate Images in Google Search

PLUS: New upscalers and personalization by Midjourney

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Google’s AI-powered search feature, SGE (Search Generative Experience) was announced earlier this year, and it was able to suggest next steps when you search for something. Now, it can also generate images using prompts directly in your browser (similar to Bing). You can try both features in Search Lab( currently only available in the US)

Two computer science students, who took up the Vesuvius challenge, improved the search process and independently hit on the same ancient Greek word in one of the scrolls: “πορφύραc”, meaning “purple”. Farritor, who was first to find the word, wins $40,000 with Nader winning $10,000. The Vesuvius challenge is still going on, and the next challenge is to read the surrounding text.

Updates to MJ v5 are coming early next week:

  • Upscaler: They plan to double the resolution and add two new upscalers: “Subtle Upscaler” which will improve an image without any glitches, “Creative Upscaler” which will make a more drastic change.

  • Personalized styles: These will help you make what you want without having to use all kinds of settings.

Project Primrose is a digital dress that has embedded sensors inside of it, and you don’t need to click a button or anything! You just make a gesture and the dress will change!

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🚀 tools

  • Flash: AI powered Flash deals

  • Avian: AI powered data analytics platform

  • Builder: Use AI to convert Figma designs into code

  • EzSales: Scrape Sales Navigator and send personalized emails

  • Mentor AI: Grow with AI mentors

  • BlazeSQL: ChatGPT for your SQL database

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Image Creator with Bing


Sticker featuring {object/concept}, caption "{company name/any caption}", {color} colors, on a minimal background, die cut


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