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Dalle-3: Use-cases and app ideas

PLUS: AI wearables, and embodied video podcast

Hi folks!👋🏻 This is The Prompt! We're your go-to source for all things AI.

Turns out you liked the new format, so we’ll stick with it for now! Thanks for the feedback ❤️

You’ll also notice that we’ll write more content around:

  • AI trends,

  • Give you ideas on apps to build, and

  • Explanations on how to use the latest tech.

This will live on our blog page and we’ll link the most useful ones here!

Let's get it 🚀

🔥 top picks

You can now try Dalle-3 on Bing Chat. Our first impression: It’s unbelievably easy to create images! Text on image feature is great, and works really well. We wrote about the use-cases, app ideas and limits in this blog post.

Naomi Campbell wore the Ai Pin this weekend, but we still have no idea what it does. As a reminder, Humane has raised $230 million so far and it’s still secretive of what it does. Proper unveiling at a November 9 event. Weird vibes.

The latest episode of the Lex Fridman podcast will go down in history as the first embodied video podcast. Right now, the avatars need to be scanned with special equipments but Zuck hinted that a smartphone selfie video will soon be enough. Given recent advances in 3D generative models this is few months away.

📕 get smarter

  • [new tech] Break-A-Scene: This new model can break down the objects with different concepts from one image, and then create new images from each concept

  • [jailbreak] Bing Image jailbreak: If you want the machine to solve a captcha for you this is an interesting approach

  • [new tech]RealFill: Complete a missing part of an image using diffusion models

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