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Adobe: Generative Match and Text to Vector Graphics

PLUS: ChatGPT mobile app hit record $4.58M in revenue

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So far, 3 billion pictures have been generated with Adobe Firefly. That’s huge even for Adobe. Yesterday, they released a new and improved model called Firefly Image 2. This model can create more realistic photos (check out the prompt at the end of the newsletter). And they added lots of new AI features. The coolest ones are “Generative Match”, that can generate new images in the same style of an existing one, and “Text to Vector Graphic”, where you can generate vector graphics in Illustrator. See what else they launched here.

Example of Generative Match

By September, the ChatGPT app was downloaded 15.6 million times, but the money it's making isn't growing much (20% growth in September, compared to 39% in August). Oddly, a competing app called Ask AI is making more money, around $5.5 million. But isn't Ask AI just a wrapper on top of OpenAI's models?

DirectPost is the newest feature on TikTok that allows you to post directly on the platform from a range of popular editing platforms. Adobe is the “poster-child” partner, and you can use the AI features in Premiere Pro or Adobe Express to make and upload your TikTok videos. Twitch, Social Pilot, and CapCut are sapps.ome of the other

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  • Dubbing: AI dubbing and Voice Translation by Eleven labs

  • Blaze: The marketing AI tool for entrepreneurs

  • CallZen: Unlock insights from conversations

  • TabbyML: Open-source code assistant (just got $3.2M in seed)

  • SuperDash: Automate extraction and data entry using AI

  • Text to Video: Convert text to video, by Veed

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