3D LLM Visualization

PLUS: Upscaling images is getting MUCH better, Gemini (by Google) is being postponed

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  • Visualization on how LLM works

  • Gemini (by Google) is being postponed

  • OpenAI is buying AI chips

  • New idea to video platform shows incredible results

  • Upscaling images is getting MUCH better

  • Intro to multi modal RAG

  • & more

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Look into the LLM black box

Do you want to understand what’s happening inside an LLM?

This 3D visualization tool clearly demonstrates every stage of the process, showing what the LLM does at each step.

They’re using the model nano-gpt, with a mere 85,000 parameters. The task that they’re visualizing is sorting a sequence of six letters C B A B B C in alphabetical order i.e. to "ABBBCC".

You can then compare this small model to bigger ones like GPT-3 and see the difference.

🚨 What else is going on

  • Intel dropped a 7B model called NeuralChat fine-tuned on Mistral 7B

  • Google DeepMind researchers expanded the number of known stable materials on Earth by 380,000

  • Google postpones big AI launch for Gemini, apparently it didn’t handle non-English queries reliably

  • AI X Robotics is in full swing, there is a new framework for learning household tasks called Dobb-E

  • OpenAI agreed to buy $51M of AI chips from a startup backed by CEO Sam Altman

  • PikaLabs released Pika 1.0, the idea-to-video platform that brings your creativity to life. Just see the video below. Sign up for access here.

📕 Resources

🧰 Tools

  • LogoDiffusion: Redesign any logo, with text prompts

  • Nova2: New Speech to Text API

  • DrawUI: Draw and build a website on your phone (code available)

  • Magnific: Upscale images (see the “real” Mona Lisa)

  • PaperMark: Open source AI documentation assistant

  • Swifty: simplify business travel with your travel assistant

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